About Me


I come from Eastern Europe, and that’s where my passion for photography started. I was a small girl living in a post-communist (and pre-digital) era, dreaming of being a professional photographer and, as a result, I ended up in a technical photography college. There I learned the intricacies of the trade – it was at the time where the workshops still took place in photographic dark-rooms. We learned everything – from taking photographs to developing negatives and then positives. And I loved black and white imaginary the most.
Time went past, and I became a fully-fledged professional photographer – specialising in cars. But I longed for an adventure and I ended up in England, where I discovered (and quickly took to) the alternative and kink, embarking on a new quest and trying my hand at photographing tattoos and tattooed people.
As a strongly minded female I soon realised that I loved nothing more than photographing other strong females and this is how I ended up doing Dominatrix, Fetish and Glamour photography. Over six years ago I teamed up with Mistress Wildfire and started building my portfolio, slowly expanding and becoming an expert in all Fetish related imaginary.
I provide safe environment and expert guidance and as a female myself I have a great eye for capturing the feminine form at its best.

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