I come from Eastern Europe, and that’s where my passion
for photography started. I was a small girl living in a post-communist
(and pre-digital) era, dreaming of being a professional photographer
and, as a result, I ended up in a technical photography college. There I
learned the intricacies of the trade – it was at the time where the
workshops still took place in photographic dark-rooms. We learned
everything – from taking photographs to developing negatives and then
positives. And I loved black and white imaginary the most.Time went
past, and I became a fully-fledged professional photographer –
specialising in cars. But I longed for an adventure and I ended up in
England, where I discovered (and quickly took to) the alternative and
kink, embarking on a new quest and trying my hand at photographing tattoos and tattooed people..

I hope that you will find these experiences on my website :-)